Sagar Suhas Joshi



I am a roboticist working in the motion planning team at Aurora Innovation. I finished my PhD in robotics at Georgia Tech’s Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM) in May 2022. I was advised by Prof.Panagiotis Tsiotras and was fortunate to collaborat with Prof.Seth Hutchinson. My PhD thesis titled, “Informed Exploration Algorithms for Robot Motion Planning and Learning” (pdf), proposes a family of intelligent exploration algorithms for efficient motion planning and learning. My research area lies at the exciting intersection of A.I and heuristics, machine learning and optimal-control theory. I graduated from IIT-Madras in 2017 with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Engineering Design, where I worked on planning and control of autonomous ground vehicles with Prof.Shankar Ram C S.


  • Motion Planning and A.I
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Decision and Control theory


  • PhD in Robotics, 2017 - 2022

    Georgia Tech

  • MS in CS (ML Specialization), 2017 - 2022

    Georgia Tech

  • Bachelor's and Master's in Engineering Design, 2017

    IIT-Madras, India


LES: Locally Exploitative Sampling for Robot Path Planning

An optimization based sampling technique for planning of higher dimensional robots

TIE: Time-Informed Exploration For Robot Motion Planning

An intelligent exploration technique for efficient sampling-based kino-dynamic planning of robots such as quadrotors.

Relevant Region Exploration On General Cost-maps For Sampling-Based Motion Planning

An efficient exploration algorithm for planning over cost-maps. This can be applied to robots such as the Mars rover, which needs to …

A vehicle dynamics based algorithm for driver evaluation

Lane keeping performance, passenger comfort and safety are considered to calculate a index of performance for the driver



Software Engineer

Aurora Innovation

Jul 2022 – Present Sunnyvale, CA

Motion Planning Intern

Aurora Innovation

May 2021 – Aug 2021 Pittsburgh, USA

Teaching Assistant

Mathematical Foundations of Planning and Decision-making

Aug 2019 – Dec 2019 Georgia Tech, USA

Graduate Researcher

Dynamics and Control Systems Lab

Aug 2017 – May 2022 Georgia Tech, USA

Research Intern in A.I

Caterpillar Inc

Jan 2016 – May 2016 Chennai, India

ADAS Research Intern

University of Duisburg Essen

May 2015 – Jul 2015 Duisburg, Germany



Planning for Robotic Arms

Autonomous Car

ROS Software stack for autonomous driving


  • sagarsjoshi94@gmail.com